House Rules 1.  Children must be supervised at all times! DO NOT leave children unattended! 2.  Ensure that all children using the bounce unit understand and follow these rules. 3.  Compatible age groups only, should be allowed to play on the unit at the same time. To ensure safety, we recommend that age groups not be mixed. 4.  Please follow manufacturer’s recommendation for number of children allowed in the bounce unit. 5.  The following items are not allowed in the bounce house, and must be removed:      Shoes or foot wear,
Sharp Objects Glasses Party Favors (Bubbles) Jewelry (Ear Rings) and watches Chewing gum, Candy ( Minimum Cleaning Fee will Apply $75) Hats Food or drinks
6. Absolutely NO Silly String in, around, or near the bounce house (silly string has a chemical in it that will "eat" through the vinyl 7.Clear the slide before next slider goes down/ No head first Bottom only 8. No flips or somersaults or rough play. 9. Do not bounce or play near the opening of the bounce unit. 10. No food or drink inside or near the bounce house. 11. No running within 10 feet of the bounce house. 12. Keep all pets away from bounce house.13. Keep all children away from blower and power cords (create a “keep away” zone). 14. Do not unplug the bounce house while occupants are inside. 15. Do not attempt to move or un-stake the bounce house. 17. Do Not Use the Bounce House or Units ifThunderstorms, Lightning or High Winds 15 MPH or above 18. In the event of Bad Weather, make sure all children exit the bounce house safely, and then deflate the bounce house by Turning off. 19. Once the weather passes by, throw in a towel soak up the water and jump again.  Make sure all signs of the storm are gone. 20. If the Bouncer starts to deflate:     - Make sure all children exit the bounce house quickly and safely - Check all power connections to make sure nothing has unplugged - Check circuit breakers and fuses in house if blown/tripped plug into another outlet - Check blower to make sure it’s not wet or turned off. - Make sure the air tube on the unit is tied securely to the blower.If ALL ELSE FAILS CALL US @ 804-405-7135Robertor804-938-1534 Julie Affordable and Clean Bouncers, Combo Units, Wet and Dry Slide Combos, Cotton Candy, Snow Cone Machines, Sky Dancers

Email To:

Keep in mind the units are not booked until Jumpmasters has checked availability of that unit on that requested day! Please Confirm that your form was recieved by a Jumpmasters proffesional


New Prices Delivery & Set Up 

Fuel Fee Does Apply $30.00 -$40.00


Policies Procedures

  ***No Refunds***


Cancellation/Refund Policy: If Inclement weather happens the day of your rental you will get a set rain date with a unit of equal or lesser value. If a rental is not scheduled then you will have 1 full calendar year to use the obtained funds or you lose the funds given to Jumpmasters. This includes deposits and rental payments! 

The time period for weather cancellations will be based upon case by case basis, but no later than 8AM the date of the rental. We Jumpmasters and Lessee will make that decision together! NO REFUND will be issued after the equipment has been delivered even if the equipment is not used.
If the equipment malfunctions or is not functionable after set up, it is the sole responsibility of the Lessee to notify Jumpmasters Moonbounce Rentals of any issues. 804-405-7135
If Jumpmasters, is not notified and given a chance to correct the problem, NO New rental date will be given. If a deposit is made and the event is re-scheduled your deposit will go towards that next rental balance.


           ·          Jumpmasters is not responsible for injuries during rental use!

           ·          All forms of our Company Policy must be initialed and back page signed before completion of                           set up.

           ·          Please have setup space in mind.  Once unit is set up we will not move the unit for free!

           ·          Jumpmasters is not responsible for tripped breakers blown fuses, or electrical issues due to                             extension cords or hooking up of our equipment. A generator is available for RENT if you                                    need one for an additional  fee.

           ·          If Lessee has water issues with well, pump, or water pressure, water rentals need to be                                       reconsidered.    Jumpmasters is not responsible for damages to the well, well pump, or water                             source due to our rentals.

           ·          Jumpmasters is not responsible for lawn damage due to use of our units and or water damage                            from water slide usage.

           ·          All Property of Jumpmasters MUST be setup & tore down by our company.  Do not attempt to                             move, take down, or change our units or anything attached to the unit.